The Indonesian Toy Traders and Manufacturers Association – Asosiasi Pengusaha Mainan Indonesia, abbreviated as APMI was established in 1992. The establishment was admited by the Indonesian Ministry of Trade, Mr. Arifin Siregar on March 16, 1992. APMI is the only organization for toy manufacturers in Indonesia with the objective to create and develope the competitive toy industry. It maintains and developes the effort and activity of the toys manufacturers for the need of bussiness world domestically and abroad.


The roles APMI are:

  1. To consolidate members’ idea for improvement in business performance and competition.
  2. To fight for members’ aspirations.
  3. To provide information among members
  4. To coordinate research / discovery, training and education for members benefit.
  5. To establish communication channels between members with local or overseas government.
  6. To create business opportunity with national and / or international corporation.

Widjonarko Tjokroadisumarto


Sudarman Wijaya

Executive Chairman

Johan Tandanu

Secretary General


PT. Boncha Sukses Makmur

PT. Boncha Sukses Makmur

Jl. Tiang bendera IV No 23,
Jakarta Barat 11230

Telp : 021 69831145
Fax : +62 21 6916622
Website : www.boncha.co.id
Email : Info@boncha.co.id

CV Omocha Toys

CV Omocha Toys

Jalan K.H. Abdullah Bin Nuh No. 100, Bubulak, Bogor Barat, Kota Bogor, 16115, Jawa Barat
Telp : 0251-8624818
Mobile : 085711637655 / 081281209001
Website : www.omochatoys.com
Email : omochatoys@gmail.com

PT Mega Royal Utama

PT Mega Royal Utama

Jl. Pasar V Dusun VIII, Purwodadi Sunggal, Indonesia.
Email: contact@royaltoys.co.id
Telp: +62 61 845 2663
Fax: 6261 845 2662
Website: www.royaltoys.co.id


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