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PT. Chateda was established in 1997. Engaged in the consulting, design and interior-exterior procurement, event organizer, educational props provider. Then focuses on the production of Educational Game Equipment (APE) and Consultation for the establishment of Early Childhood Education Institutions, with one of the Chateda Toys divisions.

Chateda Toys started it’s first production for Children Toys in 2000. The first production made is Stack Up Unit Block, Block Accessories (Microplay), Puzzle, String Up, Moslem Doll House Ka’bah and Doll House Mosque, Prayer Doll, Mosque Puzzle and others. Then Chateda Toys began to penetrate the market of educational game tools (APE) Nusantara Indonesia Stack Up Blocks, Traditional Clothes, Floor Puzzle of Islands in Indonesia, and card games. Chateda sees the opportunity when demand for toys is quite high and the competitors in this type of toy is still not much.

From time to time Chateda Toys began to explore other toy variants. The products of Chateda Toys are not only to help children’s motor and sensory development (functional), playing a role or symbolic, but also play constructions to introduce concept of structures and construction to the children.

Chateda Toys always priorities educational concept and quality to ensure customers satisfaction. The selection of materials from wood base to the finished products is always under control in order to ensure the best quality, precision and security of the products. All products of Chateda Toys have been through a long trial process, from the concept, the manufacture of toys models, the study of children’s playing process, to meeting the certification requirements of SNI (Indonesian National Standard) and ISO 9001-2008.

Chateda Toys products are produced handmade by the best craftsmen with over 15 years experiences to maintain consistency of size, quality, safety and durability. Since 2001 the products of Chateda Toys have been widely used by international government educational institutions and organizations. From national to international schools, Ministry of Education and Health to United Nations organizations such as UNICEF and UNESCO, MERCY CORP and PLAN INDONESIA. The Chateda Toys’ quality and consistency is without question. One of the consultants of Chateda Toys, Pamela C. Phelps Ph.D from CCCRT (Consultant from the Creative Center for Childhood Research and Training), Tallahassee, Florida, USA (2004-2017) states, “We have seen materials created in a number of these businesses and none has the quality that can be consistently found in the blocks, puzzles and other materials created at Chateda Toys”.

Chateda Toys focus on the development, knowledge, skills and the creativity process in building children’s multiple intelligence from an early age.

Vision & Mission


Being a company engaged in the field of consultancy, design, interior-exterior procurement, educational game tools (APE) that have the best educational value, complete, creative, terinovatif, which can build and optimize the area of brain development in thinking (affective aspects, cognitive, linguistic, psychomotor and social emotional) the intelligence of children with science and technology standard ISO 9001: 2008, SNI, safe and comfortable for child. With SNI certified Chateda hope to introduces Indonesia to the world with it’s intellectual property, scientific value and work. Strong with a load of faith and Indonesian Culture.


  • Building a positive and dynamic culture within the corporate environment simultaneously and comprehensively.
  • Develop and optimize the business strategy concept and growth of the company as part of the main program.
  • Produce high quality, creative and innovative products and programs to meet the demands of globalization era.
  • Develop and cooperate with various parties to achieve mutual success towards the future.
  • Provides customer satisfaction and trust.
Profile and Selected Products

Name : Andi Chandra Meutia
Company : PT. Chateda
Ph. : +62 813 9861 8665 (Chandra)
+62 878 8295 2960 (Savira)
Email :
Website : http//
Legal : Company Certificate
Domicile (Company Location)
NPWP (Tax Number)
SIUP (Trading License)
TDP (Certificate of Company Registration)
IUI (Industry Permit)
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Merk Dagang (Trade Mark)
ISO 9001-2008 (Quality Management System)
SNI (Indonesia National Standard)
NRP (Product Registration Number)
Product : Wooden Unit Block
Block Play Role Accessories
“Meronce” (String up) Geometric Shape
“Meronce” (String up) Alphabet and Numbers Block
Geo Board
Doll House & Furniture
Tangram Puzzle and Pattern
Wiring Game

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