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Komplek Pergudangan Kosambi Megah B/20-21
Jln. Raya Perancis, Desa Jatimulya, Kosambi
Tangerang, Indonesia, 15211
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As pioneers in the Waterproof Mats industry, BMS has gained the trust of families all over the world. Our play mats can now be found in 45 countries around the world, and we are now proud to present a whole new array of designs specifically to cater the needs ofyour living room as well as your outdoor activities. Our waterproof mats are the best companion for any indoor and outdoor living area as they are durable and easy to clean. Let us protect your floorings from spilled food and beverages so your family can have fun worry-free.


• To introduce and be the leading supplier of waterproof floor mats and play mats in over 60 countries worldwide by 2020.
• To keep adding new designs yearly to cater to our partners’s needs.
• To always be two years ahead of our competition in development time.


• To bring quality at an affordable price to homes all over the world.
• To have products that will be able to compete with any manufacturer based in any parts of the world.
• To bring joy to the children and relief to parents for our creative and washable products.

Why Our Product

• BMS strives to be your dependable and trustworthy floor mats at home. Our priorities lie with our consumers and we wish to provide them with an essential furnishing at home and any outdoor area that is durable and can be easily cleaned. BMS products truly withstand the test of time and are certified for their consistently superb quality and unsurpassed durability.
• BMS is accredited with the International Council of Toy Industries (ICTI) certificate and also by The Walt Disney Company with Facility and Merchandise Authorization (FAMA) certificate. These certifications show that BMS is a safe workplace who uses fair and legal labor, that our products are manufactured ethically, and that we are a socially and environmentally accountable establishment.
• Our products are also a great hit at schools and pre-schools around the globe. Since 2010 numerous schools have been reached through our distribution network.
• Most of our clients that distributes to retailers usually reorders especially when our products are strategically placed in stores.
• We have shown that we produce recession-proof educational products. Our products are introduced into the market during one of the worse economic times in our history, and we have managed to build a following globally thus far.

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